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Carolyn Whitehouse - Approved Driving Instructor
in Rugeley, Lichfield, Cannock and surrounding areas

About the Driving Courses

I offer several intensive driving courses, as well as standard hourly, hour and half and two hour driving lessons, each varying in duration to suit the needs of the individual pupil.

If you are unsure of which driving course you require, I offer a FREE assessment visit, where I can offer you advice. Please contact me for details.

The driving courses that I currently offer to learners are as follows:

Semi Intensive course

This course is designed for beginners. It can be taken over 2 to 4 weeks, or spread over a longer period, to suit your individual needs.

The in car tuition is 30 hours on a one to one basis, including 2 hours for attending your driving test.

Midway Pass course

The Midway Pass course is for pupils who have some previous experience learning to drive and have learned the basic car control skills. Practical training provided is 20 hours, which includes 2 hours for attending the Driving Test.

Test Booster course

This course is for pupils who are close to test standard and require a short burst of lessons prior to the driving test. It is also ideal for those who have had an attempt at the test some time ago but haven’t had any driving lessons since.

The in car training is 15 hours on a one to one basis and includes 2 hours for the Driving Test.

Pass Plus course

The Pass Plus course is a DSA course designed for newly qualified drivers, to cover certain aspects of driving which may not have been covered as a learner. It must be taken within 2 years of passing your driving test. One of the benefits of this course is that some insurance companies may offer you a discount on your insurance premium.

The duration of the course is 6 hours, which can be spread out or taken in a single day. There is no test at the end of the Pass Plus course.

Subjects covered in the course are:

  • Town and City centre driving
  • Rural roads
  • Bad / adverse weather driving
  • Night time driving
  • Dual Carriageways
  • Motorway driving

Weekly Driving Lessons

Learning to drive can also be spread over several weeks on a "Pay as you go" basis to suit the individual needs of the pupil.

With this popular option, driving lessons can be booked individually as 1, 1 and a half or two hour driving lessons.

Lessons can also be block booked at a discount when booking 10 or more hours of driving lessons.

       For enquiries regarding driving lessons or intensive courses please call 01889 803224 or email me